Designed for high school STEM enthusiasts.

EngineraCon is a weekend online engineering/STEM convention filled with STEM and engineer panelists, guest speakers, STEM activities, career spotlights, engineering activities, Kahoot games, bingo games, a free raffle, organization spotlights, STEM workshops, Q&As, Jeopardy games, virtual networking, and other activities for high school engineering/STEM enthusiasts. It is a space for high school students to gain a deeper understanding of STEM, make connections with other like-minded students, and test their current knowledge of various STEM fields.


*All times in PST

Saturday, June 5th Sunday, June 6th

9:00 am

Opening Ceremony + Keynote: Vazi Okhandiar

9:00 am

Opening Ceremony

9:45 am

Organization Spotlight: Voluntime

9:20 am

Research Paper Workshop

10:15 am

STEM Workshops

10:25 am

Coding Workshop

10:50 am

Careers in Coding

11:15 am

STEM Graphic Design Workshop

11:20 am

STEM Organization Spotlight: STEM Mindset

11:45 am

Jeopardy Game

11:45 am

LinkedIn STEM Profile Set-Up Tutorial

12:30 pm

Closing Ceremony

12:05 pm

CAD Design Competition

12:35 pm

Virtual Networking Session

1:00 pm

Kahoot Game

1:25 pm

STEM Organization Spotlight: NextGen Biology

1:50 pm

Closing Ceremony