Education for all.

The Enginera Educate event is a free 2-hour long virtual engineering learning event for students of all ages, although it is recommended for students in grades 4 and up. In light of COVID-19, our Educate event provides a full in-depth basic engineering curriculum that you don't normally find at school. Available to all students across the globe, this event teaches students about all nine engineering disciplines, including aerospace, mechanical, and biomedical engineering in an easy-to-understand manner. After the event, students will have developed an understanding of what the engineering discipline is, why the discipline is important, important terms & concepts regarding the discipline, the history behind the discipline, what an engineer does in the discipline, career options in the discipline, and important figures in the disciplines' field. Additionally, students also have the opportunity to develop industry-level skills in computer-aided design by partaking in our CAD labs. In these labs, students learn the basics of CAD, a software that every engineer uses. To make sure our event meets education standards, it has been vetted by numerous professional engineers.


Check out the photos from our latest event.