Maserati GranTurismo Revived with Hybrid Powertrain

Sreenidh Dhurjati

When Maserati first officially announced the end of the combustion Maserati GranTurismo, many, like myself, were deeply saddened by the news as the GranTurismo name had held such an amazing car legacy since its debut in 2007. Now, however, there is confirmed news of the GranTurismo coming back more powerful than ever with a hybrid powertrain.

In terms of the design of the car, many are speculating that design hints will be taken from Maserati's Alfieri concept car which was revealed years ago. This makes sense, as the Alfieri does look like a futuristic version of the GranTurismo.

As for the power, you can expect Maserati to give the GranTurismo a hybrid powertrain to get the best of both worlds. With no gears, electric motors give instant power once you tap the throttle. However, electric motors aren't advanced enough to push the car to high speeds, which is where the engine comes in. Thus, it makes sense for Maserati to use a hybrid powertrain in order to make the car the fastest in every aspect.

With the car coming in 2022, and a convertible coming in 2023, it will be great to see another car don the GranTurismo name.

Sreenidh Dhurjati

Sreenidh is currently a high school student attending school in Southern California. As an aspiring engineering and entrepreneur, he hopes to change the world at the intersection of environmental science and automotive technology. He also has a strong passion for journalism, and enjoys writing articles for numerous different outlets. In his free time, he loves to learn about upcoming cars, work on his personal blog, and watch Disney+.