Growth in the Car Industry: AI & Autopilot

Sreenidh Dhurjati

As many of the latest cars have autopilot and self-driving artificial intelligence (AI) to make it so people won’t have to drive, many can't help but wonder what will happen to the car community. Once governments approve of these full self-driving cars (and they will) the car industry will be dealt a permanent change.

Will those in the future be able to experience the same incomparable feel of driving one’s own car? Will racing sports, such as NASCAR and F1, still thrive? World governments can easily make it mandatory to have a self-driving car, as AI will probably be better at driving than humans. Will people still have the opportunity to drive fun sports cars on scenic routes? Or will we have to leave all the fun to the AI? Many car enthusiasts are starting to ask questions on this all-important matter.

Although my generation may not be immediately affected by these changes, I am personally still curious about the topic. As it happens, I'm curious about the AI topic as a whole. Seeing my parent's Tesla Model 3 just drive itself down the highway is an astonishing experience, with Tesla promising its cars to have full autopilot later this year. Named full self-driving (FSD), cars with the feature can drive themselves on streets as they would be able to recognize stop signs and traffic signals. It sounds cool, but is it really for the better?

Driving is such an immersive and joyful experience and there really is nothing like it. Although I can't drive yet, I'm counting the SECONDS before I can. California requires you to be 15 1/2 to drive, meaning I still have a few months, but it feels like forever away.

Nevertheless, many in the car community are against and for full self-driving cars. Although there are many pros and cons to self-driving AI, its official creation will undoubtedly cause riveting waves in the car industry. Alas, we will have to wait and see.

Sreenidh Dhurjati

Sreenidh is currently a high school student attending school in Southern California. As an aspiring engineering and entrepreneur, he hopes to change the world at the intersection of environmental science and automotive technology. He also has a strong passion for journalism, and enjoys writing articles for numerous different outlets. In his free time, he loves to learn about upcoming cars, work on his personal blog, and watch Disney+.