Apple Refreshes the iMac by Embracing Retro Colors

Anshil Patel

With Apple's latest event on April 20th, the iMac got its first significant refresh in its wardrobe since 2009. The iMac's retro-colored body, including colored Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse, and incredibly thin 11.5mm depth, gives an eye-catching look; however, it comes with some major disadvantages.

For one, the 2021 iMac, still has that enormous chin that has managed to live with the iMac since its creation, except for the iMac G4. This is an effect of the thin body that the desktop boasts. With the new M1 chip, many of the iMac's circuitry can be compacted. While producing this thinner iMac, the small amount of internals was displaced to the bottom bezel. Another crucial component that was also changed with the thinner model was the power brick. For the first time, iMacs will now require an external brick to power the system.

The iMac comes with two thunderbolts/USB 4 ports on the base model and two extra USB 3 ports on the more expensive model. Both models have a 24-inch 4.5K Retina display and a 1080p FaceTime HD camera. The 2021 iMac 24" comes with a 256GB or 512GB SSD. Performance-wise, this system is more capable than ever. The iMac is powered by the relatively new Apple M1 chip installed with an 8-core CPU and a 7-core GPU for the base model, and an 8-core GPU for the more expensive model.

Since the iMac has not been released to the public yet, its performance is still yet to be tested, but if the M1 chip is anything like the ones in the current generation of Macbooks, there is no doubt that the machine will run smoothly with its higher sale price and of course sleek styling

In the end, buying this iMac has its pros and cons. It will be able to run most tasks thrown at it, but may not look as modern from the front as other all-in-ones do these days. If the bezel doesn't settle, there will be a 27" more expensive version of this current iMac, where hopefully Apple fixes some of the flaws of this one.

Anshil Patel

Anshil is currently a high school student attending school in Southern California. As an aspiring mechanical engineer, he hopes to change the world at the intersection of automotive engineering and artificial intelligence. He also has a strong passion for robotic engineering, and enjoys building and competing with his team in FRC. In his spare time, he loves to learn about upcoming cars, learn more about photography, and bike.