Start a Chapter

Bring Enginera to Your Community

Interested in starting an Enginera Chapter in your community? Apply today!

What You Get

Extensive Engineering Curriculum

An in-depth engineering curriculum covering 9 of the most important engineering disciplines vetted by professional engineers.

Never-Ending List of Club Activities

Access to hundreds of club activity workshops provided by our fiscal sponsor, HackClub.

Complete Catalog of Engineering Labs

A full-fledged catalog of engineering labs developed by Enginera and professional engineers around the world.

Custom Club Constitution Template

A comprehensive club constitution template with everything you need already written.

24-Hour Support

An accessible point of contact with 24/7 real-time support.

Built-In Invoicing

Instant invoice sending for sponsors and funding.

Pre-Written Forms

All the legal documents you need -- event liability forms, medical authorization forms, attendee waivers; we have them all.

Sponsorship Prospectus

A fully-formatted sponsorship prospectus you can send to any business for funding, with a proven success rate.

Slack Channel

Access to our growing and fully-configured Slack channel, where you can update your chapter members on anything.

Instant Funding

$10 in seed funding.

Donation Form

Online, embeddable donation form.

Free G Suite Accounts

Free G Suite accounts for your entire team (

Free Debit Cards

Free virtual and physical debit cards backed by Stripe.

Timeless Banking Dashboard

A state-of-the-art banking dashboard with real-time account balance + transaction history online anytime provided by our fiscal sponsor, HackClub.

Invaluable Resources

Access to resources from current Enginera sponsors, partners, and benefactors.

One Week Process

Starting a Chapter has never been easier.