Our History

It all started with an idea in early June of 2020. At the time, there was no accessible way for pre-high school students to get a quality engineering education. For all 12 years of formal schooling, there was only one year where students could learn engineering in a proper course. Even such, the course is only limited to high school students at selected schools. Realizing this major hole in engineering education for students, the Enginera team came up with a plan to give this vital education to all through two distinct initiatives: Inspire and Educate. Through these events, we look to inspire the current generation of youth to change the world as the next generation of engineers.

Our Vision

Enginera envisions a world where today's youth leads humanity to new heights as the next generation of leaders. A world where students change the world via lasting engineering solutions. A world where the problems of the present are the past of the future's. A world where the current children are prepared for the issues of our future so that the survival of our species is guaranteed. At Enginera, we strive to make this reality possible.

Our Values

What guides our organization every step of the way.


We maintain the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior, and value transparency and honesty in our communications, partnerships, and actions.


We hold ourselves accountable for the quality and lasting results of our engineering curriculum and for the commitments we make to our students, partners, donors, and each other.


We value and celebrate the unique and diverse talents, experiences and perspectives of everyone, and treat our students, partners, and each other with sensitivity and respect.


We go beyond conventional ideas and approaches so new possibilities and innovation can flourish to ensure real and positive change to our students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Enginera important?

We strongly believe that the students who participate in our events will gain an unparalleled introduction to the immense and ever-changing world of engineering. The inventions they build will inspire, empower, and impact them to make a real difference in the world. The youth of today will explore the worlds of tomorrow, develop new life-saving medicines, and create new technologies to solve the inevitable problems humanity will face.

Why engineering?

Simply put, engineers are the world changers of today’s workforce. From space travel to the phones we rely on daily, engineers breed innovation. They are the risk-takers, the problem solvers, and the critical thinkers of society, which is why we're actively giving more opportunities for students to pursue an engineering path.

Why should I volunteer?

By volunteering at Enginera events, not only do you get a new experience helping the youth of today go on to solve drastic solutions, but you yourself will also get to learn many facets of engineering. As a plus, we'll be able to record your volunteer hours and submit them to your school records.

When is the next Enginera event?

To check our event calendar, click here.